Once upon a time at Atelier Renard

It was in the 1930s that Joseph Renard settled in at 3 Place du Palais Bourbon with his saddler tools. He passed on his expertise in using these tools to his son, Jean-Pierre, and to the apprentices he trained so diligently. Later, Brigitte Montaut came along to put all her creativity to use at Atelier Renard.

It's a timeless yet accessible place in which true luxury, a word which is so often ill-used and can be cliché, takes on a new meaning.

Visitors to Atelier Renard are immediately immersed in a creative atmosphere: a place where passion and respect for leather and for those who work with it are key.

Time is at the very heart of our values. Whether you choose a model which is in stock, a customised model or a bespoke piece, we always take the time to discuss things with you to ensure that your leather creation truly belongs to you. We'll be thrilled to see you become an ambassador for beautiful work, simplicity and elegance.

A way of life.