When it comes to saddler expertise, it's all about the tools.
The edge bevellers to trim the leather's edges, the all-important needles for hand sewing, the snap tool - the key to all the saddler's tools - to gently round off a rivet, the chisel to make splits in the leather, heavy-duty scissors, the compass race, the leather cutter, the paring knife, the round knife, the hollow punches, the creasing iron, the pricking irons with teeth to make holes in the leather before sewing, the wooden folder, the mallet, the litho stone for the hammer, the leather thickness gauge, the wax for the perfect finish and, of course, the stitching clam.

Intelligence of the hand

Combined with the expert knowledge of our saddler craftsmen, these tools bring unique pieces to life - pieces which will stand the test of time.

Each piece is made at Atelier Renard by the same artisan - from preparation to completion. Whether soft or structured, saddler style (depending on the look you're going for), all our bags are made in the fine tradition of saddler leatherwork.