Le Delphes

Sublime crocodile

Le Charleston Sellier

To hold your baguette and your files

Le Boudoir

Like a jewel

Le Charleston Soft

To hold your leeks and your files

Le Tao


Le Cindy

Not that classic, but so practical

La Tilca

A second skin

Le Soir

A must-have for going out


Leather, nothing but leather

Le Hortense

To fit your life in

Le Tim

All nice and round

Le Baroudeur

Adventure collector

Le Bivouac

Pockets, pockets, pockets!

Le Petit Baroudeur

Not that small


Commedia dell’arte

Le Marthe

A generous tote bag

Le Delphes

The ultimate saddler bag, le Delphes is the perfect evening bag to have at your side.

It’s ideal in Crocodile, Alligator or Porosus because its sleek shape works perfectly to showcase the scale patterns.
More than just a bag, Le Delphes becomes an item of jewellery. There’s nothing more to say.

Size: l. 24 x h. 19 x w. 10 cm

Starting at 2 800 €
Exotic leathers : on quote