Le Charleston Sellier

To hold your baguette and your files

Le Charleston Soft

To hold your leeks and your files

Le Cindy

Not that classic, but so practical


Leather, nothing but leather

Le Hortense

To fit your life in

Le Bivouac

Pockets, pockets, pockets!


Commedia dell’arte

Le Marthe

A generous tote bag

Le Petit Mistral

A gentle breeze

Le Frivole

The opposite of serious

Le Charleston Sellier

Our bestseller, our favourite, my bag.

A bag which has its own secrets.
It’s open like a tote - perfect for slipping a few documents or a crusty baguette inside.
Two zipped pockets on either side to store anything you have and anything you want to protect.
All made in true saddler style: it’s handsewn, of course!

In Baranil leather for an incredibly soft feel and the joy of seeing a patina develop over time as it ages.
In Taurillon leather for a slouchier look, an elegant softness and a reassuring roundness.
In Crocodile, Alligator or Porosus - need we say more? The very essence of luxury.

The entire bag is lined in lambskin: tone on tone for something discreet, with a pop of colour to remind you that you chose it.

Size 0 : l. 22.5 x h. 15 x w. 8 cm
Size 1: l. 24 x h. 16.5 x w. 8 cm
Size 2: l. 35 x h. 25 x w. 12 cm
Size 3: l. 38 x h. 28 x w. 13 cm

Starting at 2 800 € (size 0 starting at 1 900€)
Exotic leathers: on quote