Hoist the colours!

A seafaring client asked us to design and create accessories as the perfect finishing touch to an array of incredible finds, picked up over the years.
Beautifully co-ordinated, ready to set sail for the deep blue sea!

The perfect fit

Cases for shears (a must-have when it comes to pruning those rose bushes), a case for two watches (ideal for jaunts abroad) and a case with a special pocket for a cigar cutter.

Boxes, cases, wrapping, casing, sheathes, covers, bags: whatever you want, however you want.

Incredible luggage for incredible destinations...

A suitcase for her, a suitcase for him.
A bespoke, customised honeymoon - and just so elegant.
The ocean blue shades are a clue to the destination!

8 porosus skins, 2700 hand-sewn stitches through the wood and a white interior, all to cover up quite the surprise!
A bespoke trunk to be passed down from generation to generation.

An Ipad case as practical as attractive.

A desk to make them jealous

An iPad case which is as practical as it is attractive - down to the very last detail! A special pocket for a camera’s memory card, a card holder for 3 cards, a pocket for a passport, another for business cards and another for folded A4 documents. And there’s even a pocket for a pen too.
We’ve thought of it all!

Desk accessories, desk blotter, pen pot, bin: all hand-sewn, of course.
Everything to make your desk... desirable.